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They had a life, and boy, what a live they had! Good job, good education, a little girl, cats and a dog. Add to it a lovely home in the suburbs of what we call the Asian City of Angels and nothing but a promising future. But no, cancer had to take Lilly away from her family at the age of 34, leaving her spouse and a little 3 year old girl behind.

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Markus vs. Mr. Flu /blog/misc.html#Markus%20vs%2E%20Mr%2E%20Flu Yes that is right. It is me against the flu. Starting with last Sunday (2008/06/08) the fierce battle had begun. Today it seems I might come out as winner, scaring away that nasty illness to wherever it came from.

I have not been ill for the last 5 or so years. Not even a sniffles. Nothing. Not the tiniest thing. Well, there is this itchy nose every time during spring because of all the pollen in the air. However, after all those years I am ill now.

It started last Saturday with a little sore throat... nothing serious. It felt more like some exotic fruit which makes your throat feel a little itchy because your body had never had it before. On Sunday I felt weird. Weird because I did not sleep a lot the night before but also weird because only getting to little sleep normally does not make me feel thaaaaat weird ;-]

Well, short story told short. A friend of mine stayed over night (Monday/Tuesday) since she was visiting Vienna. That night was horrible. Not because of her but because of my other visitor also known as Mr. flu.

I got a headache I never experienced before in my entire life (although I am a person who very rarely gets them; I had maybe 10 or less headaches in my entire life), sniffles, sore throat grew to an entire (formerly unknown) dimension. My ears hurt, my muscles felt like if someone set them on fire and my eyes burnt and started producing tears as if I were crying like a little baby ;-]

Last but not least... sweating... a lot of sweating! In fact I had to put towels into the bed. Because of the sweating I also got thirsty like a lunatic. I do not remember how much water I drunk this night but it was a lot.

The funny thing however was that I was more or less in trance starting from Monday afternoon until Tuesday afternoon or so. I cannot remember a lot of things just that I felt wretched++.

There was fever involved too. Of course! The interesting thing with fever is, it makes the sane folks act crazy and the crazy... well, no idea. Here is what the fever did to me: In one second you somewhat loose your blanket because you feel like burning alive and at in the next moment you find yourself shaking... so not fun! I also lost the sense of time... not just a little but completely. 1 hour during day felt like 7 and one whole night on the other hand felt like just 2 hours or so. As I said, crazy...

Sleeping? Well, normally humans distinct between being asleep and being awake. I am not sure what I experienced from Monday evening until Wednesday but it certainly was something in between those two. Trance?!

Yesterday I left the house in order visit the doctor [some bla bla bla I did not understand; some questions I think I answered appropriately; medical examination; finally I left with some medication (antibiotics, something for the headache and to bring the fever down and do some other stuff — good for me, and soooo not good for Mr. flu... yay!)]

It is Friday now and I am kind of in recovery... at least I think so. It may however just be the antibiotics kicking in. Fever is gone but I am still dizzy, confused and that overall tiredness is still present. We will see, should all go the normal then I will be back at work on Mondays. I am of course going to take the slow pace for some days now since I am going to give my body time to grew back his usual strength and repair all the damage the flu did to me.

There is really nothing I can do to avoid such illness in the future. My lifestyle is healthy, nutrition excellent and I try to stay fit. However, I may work a little to much that is for sure. The fact however that I started visiting the gym on a regular yet again will somehow easy this workaholic pain... it already does...

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Markus back at the Gym /blog/misc.html#Markus%20back%20at%20the%20Gym Today is an exiting day. I am starting to visit a gym once again after I paused for 3 years. During the last three years I just did some workout @home which of course can not be compared to a gym workout in any ways.

However, I considered this step for a while now. No rushing into something based on instantaneous emotional outburst or something like that. It really is all planned well and fits into my life for the long foreseeable future (schedule, budget, intentions, etc.). Markus back at the gym... this is going to great! w00t! ;-]

My intentions are all good. Getting into shape again... not that I look that bad but I certainly lost weight where it looks good and gained weight where it looks... well, not good. I am still looking smooking-hot though ;-]

Next to getting some physical workout, the mental part is also very important i.e. getting my soul and mind to relax a bit after those typically stress fulfilled days at work and last but not least having a change of scene for those days when I do telecommuting i.e. stay at home all day. I think I will also meet a bunch of new people and maybe make new friends... we will see. Social networking here we go :-]

My objective? Ha! I am not a greenhorn so I know one has to feel his body yet again before it makes even sense to think about something like objectives. I guess this will take 2-3 months of steady workout i.e. 3-5 times a week 1-3 ours each. I got no stress so that is perfectly fine with me. Again, I am not a greenhorn i.e. the typical quitter visits the gym 6 or even 7 times a week for the first month, 5 times for the second month then he takes a break, just because... well, just because... This guy is usually never seen within a gym for the rest of his life. I have seen it all a hundred times in the past ... therefore I know, therefore it will not happen to me. Better start little and get bigger in the process. That is the only way it works.

The gym I am planning to visit can be considered as one of the more elitist ones which means it costs about threefold compared to other, normal gyms but then what you get in return justifies that price tag.

I am ok with paying more now that I am not a student anymore. Back then when I was, I of course opted for the gyms that did not cost much but of course they, they also had not all the commodities I get now — all new... starting with the gym itself, bathroom, sound and tv systems, gym equipment, etc. I can have lunch or dinner directly at the gym — all super healthy and high quality food of course. Also, all looks very clean and looked after. I like that. I had the other end of the plate for years, was ok but now I want a little something fancy in my life even if it does not come cheap.

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