Various Subjects
Special Filenames
UUID of Disks?
Install a basic set of Packages
Reboot History
Show top Diskspace Users
Nifty one-liners and Scripts
Time Limit for running Processes
Resume an SCP Transfer
Limit Bandwidth Usage
Recursively change File mode Bits
Switch from Dash to Bash
Install Debian from USB Stick
Get/set List of installed Packages
I am running Release X but...
From Lilo2Grub
Java on DebianGNU/Linux
GNU Info
Shell built-in Variables
Figure the Temperature of the CPU
Environment Variables
10^3 != 2^10 therefore GB != GiB
Flash on Debian
Instant Messaging, IRC, etc.
Smoothen File/Directory Names
Watch it
Influencing the Boot Process
On reboot, Stuff within /tmp gets deleted
Debian Release Version
Smart/Fast renaming / copying
Setting Timezone, Local Time...
atime, mtime ctime
When was my Debian installed?
Kill a Zombie Processes
Boot logs
Screen Resolution of the Boot Process
Strip non-printable Characters
Check Disk Status/Health
Change Username
Most CPU/RAM demanding processes
Create an Avatar Image
Protect an Email Address
Program fails to start or dies soon after
mkdir with desired owner/group
Number of Files on the File System
Fork Bomb
Remote Backup
Dealing with a broken xorg.conf
Crop an Image with Imagemagick
Find and delete Files by their Name
Commands for .deb creation
Only copy files ending in .foo
The debtags command
Repair a screwed up Package Install/Removal
Import Keys into APT
Wipe stale Software from the System
Various CLI Tools
CLI Tools and Programs
Goodies for Debian specific Stuff